Critical Role

The adventures of Vox Machina in podcast form.

Campaign 2 Ep. 47 - The Second Seal

January 17th, 2019

The Mighty Nein dive back underwater to find the second temple of Uk'otoa in search of Fjord's reward...


Campaign 2 Ep. 46 - A Storm of Memories

December 27th, 2018

The Mighty Nein dock in Bisaft before setting sail through a dangerous storm to find the next temple of Uk'otoa...


Campaign 2 Ep. 45 - The Stowaway

December 20th, 2018

The Mighty Nein find a stowaway on the Squalleater, who carries a mysterious item that holds dangerous consequences for the curious...


Campaign 2 Ep. 44 - The Diver’s Grave

December 13th, 2018

The Mighty Nein investigate Fjord's shipwreck, and their underwater adventure takes a spooky turn as they head deeper into the Diver's Grave...


Campaign 2 Ep. 43 - In Hot Water

December 6th, 2018

The Mighty Nein face a showdown with Avantika and her crew in Darktow, and the possible wrath of the Plank King for breaking pirate law...


Campaign 2 Ep. 42 - A Hole In A Plan

November 22nd, 2018

The Mighty Nein explore the pirate island of Darktow, and attempt to undermine Avantika...


Campaign 2 Ep. 41 - A Pirate’s Life For Me

November 15th, 2018

The Mighty Nein head for the lawless island of Darktow, engaging in an act of piracy along the way...


Campaign 2 Ep. 40 - Dubious Pursuits

November 8th, 2018

The Mighty Nein undergo a dangerous watery escape from the temple, and go to great lengths to maintain their alliance with Captain Avantika...


Critical Role and the Club of Misfits (Laura’s One-Shot)

November 1st, 2018

Five students at the magical school of Shmogwarts escape detention and learn that they’re more than their 80s-themed archetypes!


Campaign 2 Ep. 39 - Temple of the False Serpent

October 25th, 2018

The Mighty Nein discover what creatures lie in wait in the inner depths of the temple...